When Funny or Die is calling you out for being sexist/offensive/fucking stupid, you know you’ve hired a bunch of god damned idiots to take over your ad campaign.

PS please don’t read the comments on that Funny or Die post… just don’t. 

PPS was going to take this to the app to chat it out with random people, but now I’m not sure I want to. Like, if people don’t see a web site warning men about how they should force feed women milk because women with their hormones and bitches be crazy? What am I supposed to do?

i made the mistake of reading two comments. one of them said:

“Sexist my ass, what is sexist is the way women feel entitled to become abusive one week every month!”

five bucks says this guy has a bumper sticker with a sentence including the words “white history month”.

go ahead and click through to the official web site for this new campaign, though. if society wants me to hate men so fucking bad, okay, fine. i hate them. are you fucking happy now?

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