We got our Legalize Butts tshirts yesterday! The colors are off in this pic, but they are AWESOME and we can’t wait to wear them in public and have people be like “Whaa?”

Hey straight people, thanks for making light of our struggle for equality. Jerks.

as this shirt’s creator, i had no intention of making fun of the ignorant and easily-offended.

i promise.


alright, lemme back up. there’s no reason for me to get huffy just because you called me a jerk without even asking about why i made the shirt in the first place.

as you also come from the land of my forefathers, i will say this:

i was in no way trying to minimize the struggle of gay marriage equality. mostly because this shirt had absolutely zero to do with that. actually someone else came at me and said they thought it was about my stance on making smoking indoors legal again, so do with that what you will.

i can only control what i meant by it. whatever people think after it hits their eyes is up to them. having said that, i stand behind my shirt and i’m not changing it or taking it down or apologizing for it or its effects on anyone.

also, here, if you want this for future reference. i’ve found it quite useful on several occasions:


The only thing I am going to say about this is that I don’t understand why a simple doofusy tshirt would IMMEDIATELY make someone think I was somehow anti-gay. I understand that this is similar to the “legalize gay” shirts. And the reason I know that? Is because I own one.

Why would someone automatically assume that because I bought this shirt I am some sort of anti-gay activist? Have you not read any other post on my blog ever? Also, the assumption that I’m straight is bothersome. Yes, I am married to a man. But I’m not heterosexual. And many, many times I’ve had members of the gay community come at me to tell me I can’t POSSIBLY be bisexual because I’m married to a man.

No one gets to tell me who I am, what I am, what my beliefs are, and why I believe them. ESPECIALLY based on ONE post I made of two tshirts that are just a joke between friends.

Hey, deep breaths all around. Nobody was accusing anyone of anti-gay beliefs. But when southernish pointed out that this shirt raised a red flag for her as a queer person, errbody got all types defensive instead of listening and considering. it was a critique, not a death sentence. As friend and admirer of all the people in this argument, I know we all have a lot less knee jerk in us than that. Lets be sweet and listen and respond.

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