Can we not?


I’ve been blind raging over the latest Daily What post regarding Chris Brown and Rihanna tweeting at each other for the past 20 minutes. I cannot wrap my head around the presumed obligation Rihanna has to us. Really? First of all, it is incredibly bizarre to me to witness grown ass people who have so many feelings about domestic violence, but so little knowledge of how complicated these situations actually often are. As I said before, it is not uncommon at all for a victim to remain friendly with their abuser in some realm. There is an incredible amount of psychological domination and shame and blame and embarrassment that comes with domestic violence and the fact that so many of us are failing to take into consideration any of this, or assuming that perhaps we know what’s best for her, is just ridiculous. And information about this victim/abuser dichotomy, while hard to understand and most likely requiring some time and maybe an arduous thought process, isn’t hidden in some dark abyss. It can be uncovered by a few tippity types on your laptop. 

So how about we, instead of scolding Rihanna for not being a good role model or for not respecting herself enough to leave, spend this energy on educating ourselves about the intricacies of domestic violence. Why don’t you save that tweet or tumblr post and go volunteer at or donate to a domestic violence organization? Because Rihanna doesn’t owe us shit. Nothing. At fucking all. 

And also read what enjoli said.