Chaka Khan & Prince // Baby, I Love You

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Hello may I have your attention please

For your safety and the safety of others please do not leave any baggage or packages unattended. The Chicago police department will seize any unattended bags and will use them as projectiles in their war on black youths. Thank you and have a great day.

I’m having a really bad flight

I guess I was due for one. Horrible neighbor knitting and elbowin me every 30 seconds. Bad headache. Can’t get out to pee.


A vintage NASA-commissioned Rick Guidice painting gives a cutaway view of the inside of a space colony design known as the Stanford torus, a proposed habitat that would house 10,000 to 140,000 permanent residents. The rotating, doughnut-shaped ring could have a diameter of around 2 kilometers, revolving once per minute to give about 1.0g of artificial gravity on the inside of the ring through centripetal force. A massive system of mirrors would provide the sunlight needed for daily activity, agriculture, and so forth. (NASA Ames Research Center)

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I think possibly someone on here was talking about this extension, I’ve certainly had it sitting open (in a tab of course, ha ha) for literally months but today things were running slowly and I finally took the literally 30 seconds to install it and as soon as I ran it everything got faster immediately. It’s such a good idea and it appears to be implemented pretty flawlessly so far. Also, bless these people for this part from their FAQ:

How do you make money?

OneTab is free of charge and is not designed to make money. It was created because we badly *needed* it for our own use, and we wanted to share it with the world.tech

Reblabbed for later / workflow

As someone who often has 20+ tabs open, this may just be the best thing ever. 


Don’t try and change me. :P

FOr later


Waking The Witch by Kate Bush

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Since I am stuck here I might as well do work.

1. New black low “M” handlebars and black bar end mirrors.

2. Black front fender and black headlight. A LOT of the bikes wiring hides inside that headlight and it was a bitch to take off and put back on.

3. Replaced the purple side covers with black ones. Also a decent overview.

4. Your tired mechanic.

5. A shitty before picture.

My dude and his bike