can someone i know buy destiny and play it so i can see it without having to go through it?

bg5000 ? bryst ?



"we can no longer protect you forever."
by Daniel Danger
24x36” five color screenprint.

Thursday 8/21/14: im posting this new print on tumblr, twitter, and instagram. reblog, retweet, or instagram this image with the title and #danieldanger and i, through some very scientific means, will pick one random follower who does this from each service on monday and send them a personalized copy for free. sound good? cool. shameless? yes.


daniel :3

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that's it, that's the whole conversation

  • swifty: dfGHSUBTE
  • swifty: that is so good
  • swifty: hey, also
  • swifty: something i noticed
  • swifty: Fanty
  • swifty: Fanty Fanty Fanty Fanty Fanty Fanty
  • Jess: Fnbayt
  • swifty: like it was JUST YESTERDAY that Fanty Fanty Fanty Fanty Fanty Fanty , right?
  • Jess: Fajtyhi
  • Jess: FInal fANta ys
  • Jess: Fiamfl antasyt
  • Jess: Final fanrfjatys
  • Jess: FInal atnatsy
  • Jess: FInkanfo;malfaith8hry


Hail Nicki, conspicuous witch, most emphatically unfake motherfucking monster, potion-mixtress, channeler of the feared dragon of the dungeon, serpent-enchantrix.

Nicki, Mirage-Maker, a hundred Sightless dunces can’t tell you nothing.  May all those who see fit to offer you only the brine of the pickled cucumber find their arrogance turns to acid in their veins. 

For it is true.  We have heard about Nicki Minaj.  When you are assertive, you are a witch.

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